From executives to people at risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location SCL Security Services provides a full range Executive Protection Program.


With an extensive network of law enforcement, military and private security contacts SCL Security Services protects its clients around the world.



  1. Executive Protection Services

  2. Transportation

  3. Security Checks

  4. Armoured Vehicles



Hands on Training

SCL Security Services provides the very latest in training for both security professionals and others.


By drawing together international business, history and strategic studies SCL Security Services provides a unique perspective on the issues of the day.


From keynote speeches to full on seminars SCL Security Services brings the very best speakers and trainers to your company.


  1. One Man's Terrorist

  2. Risk Analysis

  3. Corporate Intelligence

  4. International Conflict



Whether you need basic first aid services or full out tactical medicine in high risk locations SCL Security Services  provides what you need.


Through an extensive network of Emergency Medical Services and Military contacts we put the right medic at the right place.


  1. First Aid Services

  2. Tactical Medical Services

Executive Protection Services
Emergency and Tactical Medic Services