1. SCL specializes in securing construction sites multi-family, residential and commercial; we offer the most cost effective solution to builders and developers. 

  2. SCL provides access to your contruction site through your computer or smart phone 24/7.

  3. At SCL we work with your insurance company to ensure you are covered in case of fire or theft and, potentially, lower your premiums. 

  4. With SCL's one-step solution, our management team receives all notifications and we respond to protect your investment (24 hours a day/365 days) 

  5. In case of intrusion a SCL manager will meet the police at your site and provide descriptions of the intruders and possible hiding locations. 

  6. The equipment can be moved and used on other projects.

  7. We offer financing for the purchase or lease of the equipment.

We take on the worry for you! 

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